In which we document some of the alternatives that have been proposed to replace Caps Lock, assuming the key is moved to a safer position, or eliminated entirely:

  • Addition of a Ctrl key, to make it easier to type combinations like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V (the Happy Hacker layout).
  • Addition of a second Enter key, to make the keyboard more useful for left-handers (proposed by r03).
  • Addition of a second backspace key, nicely positioned on the home row (the Colemak layout).
  • A new 'clipboard' key to replace cut/copy/paste (proposed by Linus McCabe, see ClipControl for a Proof of Concept).
  • A programmable key (or two smaller keys) for games and applications.
  • The 'any' key, which will solve the current problem of "hitting any key to continue" (Richard Sakowski)
  • A non-modal Caps key that converts selected text to uppercase (or lowercase) (Sylvie M.)

Do you have a suggestion? What key or combination do you use so often that you wish it was on the home row, easily accessible by your left hand? Join the community, and then add your comment below.

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