• To drive the development of a new standard keyboard layout.

Competition Rules

  • Caps Lock may not occupy the standard home-row position.
  • All submissions fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license.
  • The competition closes at midnight, 31 December, 2006.
  • Submissions and votes are allowed up to the closing date.
  • A submission will consist of one or more layout concepts, in PNG, JPG, GIF, or PDF format together with a textual commentary that explains the motivations of the designer.
  • Submissions can be made by individuals or by teams.
  • An individual or team can make any number of submissions.
  • Voting is anonymous and restricted to one vote per submission per IP address.
  • The competition may be organised into multiple categories.
  • The winner in each category is the submission with the most votes at the closing date of the competition.
  • Each category winner (team or individual) will receive an equal share of the competition prize money.
  • The organisers reserve the right to moderate submissions and comments if needed.


We suggest the following goals, but all innovation is allowed:

  • To move or replace the Caps Lock with a more innovative function.
  • To make other changes that improve general-use accuracy and speed.
  • To create a single keyboard layout that can produce all Latin-1 characters.
  • To create a keyboard layout optimised for notebook or compact desktop use.
  • To create a keyboard compatible with future evolution, e.g. programmable key cap displays.
  • To provide extensibility for language-specific or application-specific use cases.
  • To remain easily learnt by qwerty (and azerty, qwertz, etc.) users.

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