A Quality Standard


CAPSoff specifies the CAPSfree Quality Standard to help consumers make an informed choice.

The CAPSfree standard defines three levels of conformance:

  • Zero conformance: all keyboards with a Caps Lock key in the conventional position (left of A on a qwerty keyboard).
  • Basic conformance: all keyboards with a relocated Caps Lock key; there are several relocation positions, including at the bottom left of the keyboard, at the top right row, along with other lock keys.
  • Full conformance: all keyboards where the Caps Lock key has been removed. A Caps Lock function can still exist, e.g. as a combination of keys.

To be labelled as a CAPSfree keyboard, a keyboard must achieve full conformance.

When you purchase a new computer, we advise you to request a "CAPSfree keyboard" and refer the vendor to the capsoff.org site for further information. You may also request a computer without keyboard, and purchase a CAPSfree keyboard separately.

We list all known CAPSfree keyboards to assist you in your choice.

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