Send Money

Send money to the CAPSoff PayPal account. Every cent will be given to the starving keyboard designer who makes the most popular keyboard layout. Our goal: to raise one million dollars. Yes, we know it's crazy. That's why we decided to do it.

USA, Canada Contribute USD 20.00 Contribute USD 50.00 Other amount
Euro zone Contribute EUR 15.00 Contribute EUR 40.00 Other amount
Great Britain Contribute UKP 10.00 Contribute UKP 25.00 Other amount


  • Do I need to send money to vote? Answer: no, anyone can vote.
  • So why would I send you my money? Answer: no reason. Unless you think a better keyboard is worth something.
  • How can I trust you with my money? Answer: we will publish the full listing of all receipts.
  • Are you going to steal my money and spend it on fast cars? Answer: :-) No. Every cent (except what PayPal skim off) will be given to the starving keyboard designer who wins the final vote.
  • How much is in the prize pot so far? Answer: we'll publish the prize amount each week.

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