The Million Dollar Keyboard

Design the winning keyboard and you might walk away with $1,000,000

To be honest, the odds are tough, but if you have an idea, draw up a new keyboard schema and post your submission. Someone's going to get an extra Christmas present this year. It could be you, if your design is really good this year.

You have an opinion?

Like we need to ask… everyone has an opinion. Well, we've made it easy for you to comment on new submissions and the ones that were good enough for us to accept into the competition. You have to create an account on to comment.

You have too much money?

Yeah, the odds are against it. But it's not every day you get a chance to make a difference. Contribute to the Million Dollar Keyboard prize, and you'll know that you were part of something really revolutionary.

Top-voted keyboards & designers

2ndMillenium's KEYBORD by NikeStyle (Rating: 59, Comments: 0)
V-Board by Super6 (Rating: 31, Comments: 0)
Colemak keyboard layout by Shai (Rating: 17, Comments: 0)
Dreamboard by Malcolmke (Rating: 8, Comments: 0)
Spring Toggle Key by Arise61 (Rating: 6, Comments: 0)
Million Dollar Keyboard 1.0 by Aurien (Rating: 5, Comments: 0)
Customizable Compact Qwerty by lsyx (Rating: 4, Comments: 0)
Editor's Keyboard by porosenok (Rating: 3, Comments: 0)
Standard US ISO9995 keyboard (Rating: 3, Comments: 0)
Thumb-o-Doard 2000 by Leizoor (Rating: 3, Comments: 0)
Asset keyboard by Qwertie (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)
Keyboard 2.0 by paulgb (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)
MouseDREAM by MouseVISION (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)
Small keyboard by buck (Rating: 2, Comments: 0)
Keyboardv2 by Buzzert (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)
Simple Keyboard 2.0 by Keyes (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)
SymbolCreator by grse (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)
X-Fu by Martink (Rating: 1, Comments: 0)

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