Million Dollar Keyboard 1.0 by Aurien

Submitted by AurienAurien

Keyboard entry based on your average "Qwerty" keyboard with a few changes.

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Changes on this board compared to a standard one:

  1. Tab slides down replacing the Caps Lock key.
  2. One Windows key moved into the old Tab spot, other removed.
  3. Ctrl keys moved inward for an easier reach from home row.
  4. "Any" keys added to corners. Act as Enter keys by default.
  5. The =/+ key is flipped so "-" and "+" are now both normal strokes.
  6. Main keyboard area shortened by roughly a key-width.
  7. Pause/break key has been removed.
  8. Options key has been removed. [Key that acts like a right-click]

The real main intent of the Any keys is for easy remapping without losing another key. This could be useful in games and such, or alternatively for those who still want to have a Caps Lock key. The keyboard would also use sticky Shift to simulate a Caps Lock feature. The only other note would be that if it was produced I'd like to see it in three sizes based on where the red lines are in the photo above. The smallest board just has everything one absolutely needs making it nice and compact, the middle length board for those who never use the numpad, and the full size board for those who want everything your average keyboard would have.

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