Keyboardv2 by Buzzert

Submitted by buzzertbuzzert

A simple, non-radical keyboard design.

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When it comes to a computer keyboard, something people use everyday, it's not a good idea to make an extremely radical change. Therefore, this design satisfies the desire of removing the caps lock key, and adds an ergonomic way to issue commands.

As you can see, the caps lock key is replaced with a larger Shift and Tab key for more accuracy in pressing these commonly used buttons. Another change is the control key has been moved from the very left corner, to the left of the spacebar. This allows users to use their thumb to press the control key and significantly adds to the comfortability in issuing commands. This was borrowed from the CMD key on Apple keyboards, it's a great idea though. Personally, stretching my little finger from control to another key becomes tiresome after a while.

Let me know what you think!

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