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A new form of text entry based on character decomposition was created in 2002, summer.

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Braille - is not suitable for touchscreen text entry (a sequential input too slow) but still is challenge [Arato et al.]. EyeTyping: any solution is occupying too much screen space [ ].

There is a QWERTY myth about the motor skill transfer. Any layout requires training (shaping a new cognitive model and behavioral stereotype) as a new language, even when two keys were changed (QWERTY to QWERTZ or AZERTY). Still a cognitive transfer is possible. Western script has several handwriting styles for elementary school-aged children. The loops and other forms provide systematic steps for letter analysis and efficient motor and memory cues for children. These strategies simplify the learning of functional handwriting.

The system equally suitable for physical keys and as on-screen keyboard for any graphical input techniques (head tracking, eye-tracking, PDA, mobile phone etc) even as a tactile code for deafblind communication with healthy people. You can try one of versions for touchscreen or mouse click; setup (VB 6.0) is here (DblClick within textbox to make your own layout)


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