Customizable Compact Qwerty by lsyx

Submitted by lsyxlsyx

Qwerty keyboard with customizable modifier keys, a compact size, and 4 downstream USB ports.

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This keyboard addresses the issue of modifier key placement by allowing the user to change the use of each key via switches located on the back of the keyboard. The switches are coded to symbols on the keyboard, and in the case of left and right keys, they are color-coded to left and right so that separate behavior can be attained. Keys are labeled with symbols instead of letters to encourage customization and to reduce mistake made by associating a key with its text instead of its mapping. The keyboard also features a compact size and may be used as a numeric keypad by holding a Fn key and pressing keys corresponding to a keypad with keys 7, 8, and 9 mapping to their counterparts and the six keys below filling in the rest of the arrangement.

The keyboard also features four downstream USB ports, two on the back near the center usb cable, and one on each side to allow USB mice or separate numeric keypads to be affixed without compromising the depth of the keyboard. The typing height is adjustable by the use of flip-out feet on the bottom of the keyboard. The keys use an Alps switch mechanism.

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