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I am an editor at a newspaper, and among the keys I mostly use are: „Home“, „End“, „PageUp“ and „Page Down“.

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So, what I did in my version of CapsLock-free keyboard is:
1)Replacing the „Tab“ key with „Backspace“ (also a very beloved key of every editor)
2)Moving the „Shift“ key one row upper, setting it in place of „Caps Lock“
3)Placing the keys „Home“ and „End“ where the „Shift“ Key was
4)Moving the right „Shift“ also one row upper, placing the keys „Page Up“ and „Page Down“ instead of it
5)Removing the left „Windows“ button, moving the „Ctrl“ and „Alt“ to the right, placing the „Tab“ button in the lower left corner („Windows“ key may be also kept, doing the „Space“ key smaller)

This keyboard is very symmetric and easy to get used to. You also can do it another way, for example, to keep the „Shift“ key where it is and to put „Home“ and „End“ on the place where the „CapsLock“ was (the same on the right side).

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