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When making this board I tried to take my favorite aspects from a whole host of keyboards and compile them into one super keyboard designed with gamers in mind.

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I go over the features from the left section first.
1. Media bar- the basic controls for media playback as well as volume, macro to launch your favorite player (the eighth note), and a macro to launch to your favorite game (the bullet button).
2. V-shaped LCD- I got this idea from the Logitech G-15 (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2166,CONTENTID=10717) , it's an LCD with it's own SDK to make various programs show info on it. Some ideas shown in the picture is a clock, round information (kills, death, round count, time left), and a Teamspeak/Vent display to show who's talking and people that leave or join channel, as well as any messages sent on the bottom of TS.
3. 16 macro keys with 4 macro-shifts for 64 total possible macro combinations. With 64 macros, you can do a lot. Teamspeak keybinds are one use but you can also use these to launch programs or do any other function imaginable.
4. To replace the caps lock button, there is a click wheel, this idea is take from Buck's Small Keyboard for gamers (http://capsoff.org/mdkb:buck). It's a wheel similar to what is on your mouse that allows you to scroll through weapons or internet pages easier as well as click, this click can be assigned as a left, right, or middle click, or you can bind it to do something totally different.
5. Large LCD screen - this large LCD can be used for a lot of functions, the one shown in the picture is showing system information like workload, temperature, and fan speeds but this, too, can be programmed to do almost anything. One other thing that is built in is a calculator, a simple 4-function calculator that is operating by hitting a toggle button on the numpad and then typing with the numpad, this way you can do simple math on the fly without minimizing a game or hunting down your calculator on the start menu. You can also use this portion for a timer or timers, these can be useful when waiting for something to spawn in an FPS like Battlefield.

Now for the center portion:
1. The center portion is removable by unclipping the 2 black clips on the bottom edges and new keysets can be bought and clipped on. This idea, along with the name of the board, is taken from the Zboard (a real product: http://www.ideazon.com/us/products/zboardgamingkeyboard.asp) . For the rest of this section I'll describe the features on the keyset shown.
2. Top half features the famous silhouette of Jeremy from Pure Pwnage (www.purepwnage.com) divided into sections, each section is a macro, all of which are programmable. (By default, pushing Jeremy's balls will launch your internet browser and open the Pure Pwnage n00b store)
3. All the keys that games use most. This section has the keys that most FPS's use as well as many other games.

Now, the right-most section.
1. The large gray spot in the image is the extra plastic that allows the right half to swivel to your liking. It is offset so that you can switch from your mouse to your keyboard quickly and without a hassle, hopefully without ever moving your wrist. If you're computer chair has arms then your arms will naturally rest in a 'V' so by angling the board less stress is put on your wrists, thereby reducing risk of things like carporal tunnel syndrome.
2. On the top, you will see the three basic audio ports and 4 USB slots (USB 1 because you can't feed 4 USB 2.0 slots through a single USB 2.0 chord to your computer). This is ideal for LAN parties because you can easily switch from 2.1 speakers to headphones and plug in your mic without ever messing with any wire in the back of your box, greatly reducing set up time. This is even a good feature at home because you can hook up a USB jump drive, phone, PSP, PDA, or any other device without messing with any wires in the back of your PC.
3. On the number pad the addition cal button is there to toggle the large LCD's calculator mode.

Well, that's pretty much it. This board might be a pipe dream but I think it has a lot of features that gamers would like. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post.
PS- I know the keyboard looks pretty suck because the angles make the text a little harder to align, but look at the overall concept.

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